Wear lining for conveyor transfer chutes

Keeping transfer chute downtime to a minimum is one of the biggest challenges in the mining and aggregate industry. The material is tough on equipment, and liners need to be changed often.


Improved safety

thanks to reduced downtime


less downtime for maintenance

Wearback™ transfer chutes
Wearback™ transfer chutes

What if the problem can be part of the solution? That’s precisely how Xledge liners from Metso help. Wearback chutes are engineered and designed with a series of ledges that allow the transported material to build up throughout the chute. The material buries most of the Xledge liners, building a protective layer on top of the liners, exposing only the top edge to wear. The result? A more sustainable solution where the liners last vastly longer, prolonged uptime and fewer liners are used.

The curved internal profile of the Wearback chute controls the speed and material flow from top to bottom. Material is guided through transitions to align with the outgoing conveyor and soft load the material centered onto the receiving belt.

Decreased downtime

A dramatic decrease in maintenance downtime - by up to 70%, in some cases. In addition, stockholding is easily managed, as an entire chute may use as few as only five different Xledge liner sizes.

Decreased downtime
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