Ceramic wear liners

Ceramic wear liners

Extremely tough with outstanding wear life properties

Metso ceramic wear lining provides excellent wear resistance in applications with sliding wear and high material speeds, particularly where the material has only a slight impact angle. The long-lasting unique design of our ceramic inserts improves wear life and impact resistance and offers improved sustainability due to fewer liners being used. The ceramic wear lining also reduces noise and vibration in the application.
Improved wear life

Ceramic wear plates maximize the lifetime of your equipment, and increase production capacity in both wet and dry applications.   

Flow improvement

Improve poor material flow caused by narrow sectors in the process. Such spots can be real bottlenecks and create a lot of additional work and unplanned downtime.

Reduce noise pollution

All ceramic wear products reduce noise and contribute to a better work environment.

Trellex® SQ300 ceramic

Modern wear protection system which reduces impacts and improves health and safety without increasing costs or sacrificing operational efficiency. The modular system can handle particle sizes up to 200 mm (8”) and resists pH values 4-9 and all water types, and most oils and chemicals in moderate/small concentrations.

Trellex® SQ300 ceramic
Trellex® Poly-Cer

Hard ceramic surfaces provide unsurpassable wear resistance while the elasticity of the rubber absorbs the impact of blows. Excellent wear resistance in applications with sliding wear and high material speeds.

Trellex® Poly-Cer
Xlok™ ceramic

Tough modular liner system and the ultimate choice for situations where equipment can only be accessed from the inside. Available in a range of material options to suit the application, including cast metallic options, rubber and ceramic products.

Xlok™ ceramic

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