Handling systems for wear liners

Handling systems

Provide a safe lifting point to enable liners to be secured during installation and removal

Improve worker safety by eliminating manual handling while at the same time facilitating a quicker and easier wear liner replacement.


Improved safety

Utilizing tools specifically designed for the job means your relining is done according to maximum safety standards.

Maximize uptime

Your liner installation is much faster when using the correct tools instead of improvising.


The SafeFit™ handling system for wear liners is compatible with all liners incorporating the EzyLock™, Taper-T™ or D-Lock™ fastening systems. It enables the safe handling of liners of up to 1,000 kg and ensures that the liner is always secure during the installation and removal process. SafeFit™ enables the use of larger, heavier liners which can significantly reduce the changeout times. The handling system consists of:

  • Lifting clips to safely lift liners that incorporate our patented hole
  • Podgy bars to easily adjust the liner position and align the holes once against the chute wall
  • Clamping tools to temporarily secure liners to the chute wall during installation or removal

Click here to watch a video about the SafeFit handling system.


Suitable for metallic wear parts up to 500 kg, Liftx™ is a liner lifting system designed to lift wear parts quickly and safely. It provides a secure connection between a wear liner and a crane, hoist or winch.

  • Wear liners are fitted by engaging the lifting bolt with the liner’s slotted hole
  • Designed to work specifically with the Liftx™ wear liner bolt hole
  • Locating boss securely holds the lifting bolt and locking nut in place for precise lifting
  • Working load limit of 500 kg when connected to a crane, hoist or winch
  • Bow shackle, lifting arms and swivel boss design supports angular movement and provides access to complex contours
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