Polyurethane wear liners

Polyurethane wear liners

Abrasion and impact resistant material

Metso Polyurethane wear lining is made of high-temperature castable polyurethane elastomers and guarantees the best possible wear resistance in the most demanding applications. Polyurethanes are also very flexible, resulting in a superior durability and sustainability for a wide range of applications.


Maximizes lifetime

Polyurethane wear plates maximize the lifetime of your equipment, protecting it from corrosion and thereby increasing production capacity.  

Flow improvement

Improve poor material flow caused by narrow sectors in the process. Such spots can be real bottlenecks and create a lot of additional work and unplanned downtime.

Reduce noise pollution

All Polyurethane wear products reduce noise and contribute to a better working environment.

Trellex® PPU

Wear plates made of polyurethane and backed with a cast-in steel reinforcement. Excellent wear resistance in applications with sliding wear. The steel reinforcement prevents the possibility of small particles getting in under the lining. The steel reinforcement also guarantees secure fixing so that the wear plates remain together even if the lining is exposed to extremely abrasive and sharp particles.

Polyurethane wear liners
Trellex® SQ300 polyurethane

Modern environmentally friendly wear protection system which reduces impacts and improves health and safety without increasing costs or sacrificing operational efficiency. Designed for simplicity of installation and minimum downtime by using patented fastening system and are easily cut with a knife or Alu-Cut machine.

Polyurethane wear liners
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