Mobile conveyors

For fully mobile truckless conveying

Mobile conveyors offer a cost-effective and flexible way to transport material at your production site. Metso’s range of mobile conveyors consists of track-mounted conveyors and wheel-mounted conveyors – both widely used in quarries and in mining operations.

Efficient mobility

Move around when you want. Easily adjustable for changing process needs.

Flexible fit into open or closed circuits

Transport along the site either individually or as a part of a set-up.

Improved production capacity

Based on extensive testing and quality control.

Better site safety

Reduce hauling, dust and exhaust emissions.

Improve safety and cut operating costs with mobile conveyors

Mobile conveyors are often utilized in waste and ore handling in various mining applications, in aggregate or cement production, as well as in civil engineering projects. They are easily relocated and effectively reduce the need for traffic at the site, which improves safety and cuts operating costs.

Metso’s mobile conveyors offering provides you with various possibilities for your quarry and mining operations. Lokotrack® track-mounted and wheel-mounted mobile conveyors are easily adjustable also vertically and ideal for shorter distances, whereas Lokolink™ wheel-mounted mobile conveyors can transport material from as far as you wish.  

Efficient mobility

As the name suggests, mobile conveyors have excellent mobility. They can also be easily adjusted to perfectly fit your changing process needs.  

Mobile conveyors oftentimes offer a more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to dump truck haulage.  

Flexible fit into open or closed circuits

You can move mobile conveyors to where you need them most and greatly increase the flexibility of any multistage crushing processes. They can be safely transported along the quarry face either individually or as a part of a set-up to ensure your production process is interrupted for as short time as possible.

Mobile conveyors can also be quickly implemented into most closed or open circuits.

Improved production capacity

Metso mobile conveyors are built based on extensive testing and quality control for increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

Lokotrack® mobile conveyors provide greater discharge height to increase stockpile capacity. They also feature a radial drive option at the discharge end to further increase production capacity.

Better site safety

Metso mobile conveyers can quickly and easily be positioned away from the quarry face during blasting to reduce potential risks.

Since material can be transported without the need for dump trucks, overall traffic as well as dust and exhaust emissions are significantly reduced, resulting in a much safer work environment.

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