Tailings management

Tailings management

Leading the transformation in tailings dewatering, handling and reprocessing

Tailings management in today’s perspective is unable to sustain in the future. An effective end of the mine strategy needs a vision that goes beyond environmentally safe practice. At Metso, our goal is to transform tailings management by changing legacy and risk prone practices with a positive value creation model.
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Sustainability and Social Responsiblity

Sustainability and social responsibility have become a top priority for mining companies. Water is becoming scarcer, and the cost of water is rising in some regions to all time highs. Low head grades and ore bodies continue to pose their own challenge with the growing demand. Meanwhile tailings dams’ failures are causing destruction ranging from fatalities of innocent lives to property destruction.


At Metso we believe there is no reason to explore interim solutions. Metso Tailings Management solutions will move towards dry tailings, mine backfills and address the closure of legacy dams. Providing a long term solution while answer today's immediate challenges.


Economically Viable

Higher CAPEX and OPEX are two key elements of profitability. They have been a deterrent for the mining industry to invest in tailings management one way or the other. But is there a cost too large to ensure the safety of surrounding communities and the site workers?

At Metso we are challenging the conventional thinking, while changing the view around the costs around dry tailings and stacking. Contrary to the perception, dry tailings management is much more cost effective. Metso Tailings Management brings a comprehensive approach by combining 3 practices: Dewatering the tailings, handling them with dry stacking, and reprocessing new and existing ones. We also look to elevate the approach to reduce social hazards and associated risks, which will improve the overall image of the mining industry.

Future-Ready solutions

There are millions of tons being discharged today and billions laying in legacy dams. Whether driven by regulatory pressure or colossall losses in case of a dam failure or water scarcity, mine tailings can become a strong business case in the future.


Our propriatory research shows that if effectively managed the tailings can be a great opportunity to generate value in future. Our analysis indicates that dry stacking tailings solutions are the way forward for a reason. As a disruptive practice it can eliminate tailings ponds in the coming years besides lowering the risk of dam failures and groundwater contamination. With reprocessing we can set the stage for extracting value in the future, transforming legacy dams from a liability to an asset. 

Metso's tailings management solutions in action!
Metso Tailings Management solutions
Metso Tailings Management solutions

Metso Tailings Management is bringing change through dewatering, handling and reprocessing of tailings. No other OEM can provide the full solution that Metso can. 

Metso Tailings Management solutions' benefits

  • Up to 90% water recovery by the Metso VPX™ filter
  • Improved filtration efficiency into fine and coarse streams by Metso's MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone
  • Up to 50% less floor space increasing safety and lowering CAPEX with the Metso Inclined Plate Settler (IPS)
  • 50% less chemicals improving water recirculation with the Metso IPS
Marconaflo Slurry Systems
Marconaflo Slurry Systems are an important step in sustainable & socially responsible tailings management.

Parts and services for tailings management


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