Metso Full portfolio Flotation Cell Retrofit
Achieve reliable, energy efficient metallurgical performance and help solve sanding and stability challenges with a Metso TankCell retrofit for your flotation cells.

Upgrades to improve performance and help you reach your sustainability targets

Reduced energy consumption


Reduced airflow decreases energy consumption & decreases the environmental footprint

Improved metallurgical performance


Enhanced metallurgical control improves recovery

Increased availability


Innovative flotation equipment increases recovery rates

Higher throughput


By improving flotation hydrodynamics and pumping performance at high air dispersion rates


The forced-air technology retrofit is compatible with all brands of flotation cell and can be provided as a standardized package for your self-aspirated cells.

  • Increases flotation throughput
  • Improves recovery and metallurgical control
  • Increases plant availability and reduces maintenance requirements
  • Improves energy efficiency and decreases the environmental footprint
flotation cell retrofit

Our expertise at your service

Achieving and maintaining optimal recovery of valuable minerals is not something that happens by chance. Designing a new flotation process, or choosing the right equipment for an existing process, requires experience and a deep understanding of minerals processing and metallurgy. Our solutions are designed in our Engineering and R&D centers by experts specialized in minerals processing and technology development. Using state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot plants for the most demanding test work, our specialists help you evaluate the best options for your process and make informed decisions for the entire life cycle of your plant.

Designed for your productivity

The productivity of your process has a direct effect on the profitability of your operations. Our decades of experience working with metals and minerals processors around the world has enabled us to develop some of the most innovative and productive flotation technologies on the market. Metso FloatForce® technology is a good example: By improving flotation hydrodynamics and pumping performance at high air dispersion rates, FloatForce enhances particle recovery in the flotation cell, while also reducing power consumption and the risk of sanding.

Life-cycle support and beyond

Our extensive service portfolio and customized solutions cover all phases of your flotation plant’s life cycle. We handle engineering and procurement (EP), engineering, procurement, and supply (EPS) or engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects for flotation plants. Our service scope is always tailored to meet your unique business challenges and to have maximum impact on your performance and productivity. We can help you with everything from increasing productivity, product quality, energy efficiency, and recovery rates to improving water conservation, asset availability, and environmental compliance.

Typical flotation cell challenges

  • Limited shutdown periods
  • Poor recovery/concentrate grades
  • Maintenance issues 
  • High energy consumption
  • Spare part wear life

Self-aspirated or poorly performing forced-air flotation cells can present a number of challenges, such as the process stability, the sanding and “wave effect”.

Typical self-aspired cell challenges

  • As cell volume increases, constant and evenly distributed air becomes an issue to the process environment
  • Energy consumption increases radically to provide sufficient air feed into larger cells
  • Increased rotor speed draws additional air, but dislodges larger particles from the bubbles, leading to sanding
  • Large environmental footprint

Metso TankCell forced-air technology provides more stable and efficient metallurgical performance than self-aspirated cells and is fully compatible with other cell types.

Our flotation cell retrofit uses proven Metso TankCell technology and state-of-the-art Metso FloatForce forced-air technology. In addition to these technologies, the service can also include modern automation solutions as well as tailor-made service solutions.

  • Recalculation of blower capacity and installation of new blower
  • Flotation froth management, recalculation of froth area and adjustment of launders and froth crowders
  • New drive unit, including motor, gearbox, upper and lower shaft, and rack
  • Metso FloatForce® mixing mechanism
  • The replacement bridge (if required)
  • Optional level-measurement instrumentation, such as Metso LevelSense or flotation level control
  • Optional automation solutions, such as Metso FrothSense, CellStation, EXACT-level, or Advanced Control Tools (ACT)


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