Metso Full portfolio OKTOP® Filter Feed Tank
Improve filtration performance by providing stable feeds when operating slurries with a high solids content. The Metso OKTOP® Filter Feed Tank system is designed to maximize availability and available live volume, when compared to footprint, without compromising operational parameters. This leads to reduced operating and maintenance costs for the entire filtration assembly.
  • Improves filtration performance    
  • Increases availability    
  • Maximizes lifetime value
OKTOP® Filter Feed Tank

The filter feed tank operates as a buffer and flow stabilizer before the filter to feed the solution for filtration. The solution is typically fed into the tank from the top, and two connecting nozzles that pump the solution to the filter are located in the lower section of the tank. The agitator provides complete suspension conditions inside the tank to ensure that there are no settled particles or problems generated through sanded reactors.

Agitator technology for smooth operation

Our proven hydrofoil agitator, the Metso OKTOP 3200, ensures adequate mixing for the tank. In addition to providing a stable-density slurry feed for excellent filtration performance, it also helps prevent common sanding and slurry-pumping issues. Agitator positioning has been optimized to provide solid suspensions while also providing maximum live volume to improve buffering from up and downstream process fluctuations and disturbances.

Filter feed tank enhancements

Metso offers further enhancements, such as slurry screens, slurry pumps, or instrumentation and control systems. An innovative example is the Metso SandSense probe that can monitor solids accumulation at the bottom of the tank.

The delivery includes our eCatalogue, which is a visual catalog that makes it easy to find and order different spares components. The key spare parts include:

  • Agitator    
  • Gear    
  • Motor

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