Metso Full portfolio Select™ Horizontal Grinding Mills
Select™ Horizontal Grinding Mills

Select™ Horizontal Grinding Mills

Designed to perform

Not all grinding operations require customized engineering and tailormade horizontal grinding mills. Metso Select™ horizontal grinding mills redefine design and selection simplicity, while exceeding operational efficiency with class-leading availability, reliability, and productivity.
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Designed to perform – Metso Select™ horizonal grinding mills

Simplicity redefined

Complete pre-engineered package for quick and simple mill selection


Exceeding efficiency

Exceeding your operational goals through reliable and robust designs

Select™ mills - Selection simplicity

Metso Select™ horizontal grinding mills are a pre-engineered range of class-leading horizontal grinding mills, designed from industry leading experience and expertise. The pre-engineered package eliminates time and costs usually spent in the engineering and selection stages.

Metso Select™ horizontal grinding mills redefine project simplicity through 3 defined phases: Define, Quote and Order.


Equipment sizing can be specified by a customer, or determined by the Metso Process team after a review of the specific application. Upon sizing finalization, a Select™ horizontal grinding mill is selected from a pre-engineered list. 


After a Select™ horizontal grinding mill is finalized for the application, a quote can be generated. Metso will supply a detailed, yet simple, proposal package to allow a review of the complete offering.


Upon receipt of a mutually agreed purchase order, the order execution team will deliver the equipment with standard updates to inform the status of the order.

As a Metso promise, you receive your Select™ horizontal grinding mill efficiently and on time.

Pre-engineered package benefits

The Select™ horizontal grinding mills simplified and pre-engineered selection process provides multiple benefits. This includes: Cost savings from investing in a pre-engineered solutions, time savings from our expedited selection, quotation process, and order execution, and faster delivery and startup of your Select™ horizontal grinding mill.

The Metso Select™ horizontal grinding mill is a robust mill for exceeding operational goals today and tomorrow. With class-leading performance, Select™ horizontal grinding mills allow for potential future expansion.

Select components

Metso Select™ horizontal grinding mills utilize pre-defined components. The mill proposals include the rotating mill structure, start-up set of lining, and induction drivetrain.

Select™ horizontal grinding mill proposals also offer additional components and special tools, including feed chutes or spouts, discharge trommels, jacking cradles, hydraulic jacking systems, hydraulic torque wrenches, and UT bolt tension measuring systems to name just a few.

Check out our Select™ mills brochure to get a more detailed look.

Select performance

Metso Select™ horizontal grinding mills provide class-leading performance to grinding operations, while delivering reliability, availability and productivity.

  • Reliability: Dependable productivity from pre-engineered design
  • Availability: Robust design and ease of maintenance
  • Serviceability: Mills can leverage Metso’s comprehensive equipment, lining systems, parts, and services portfolios to provide an end to end total offering

View our reline equipment, lining systems, parts and services below.

Select™ mills resource center
Looking for 3D models and drawings that will help optimize your project flowsheet and selection of your grinding mill? Here is your solution!
Ball feeder

Metso's Select™ ball feeder utilizes a simple and robust design for continuous and automatic grinding media consumption for optimized horizontal grinding mill performance. The ball feeder is designed for all applications using steel ball grinding media.

Learn more on the Ball feeder web page

Ball feeder
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Watch our on demand webinar where our Metso experts take a deeper dive and introduce the Metso Premier™ mills and Select™ mills.
Mill reline equipment

Metso's mill reline equipment provides industry leading safety and efficiency during liner changeout operations.

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Grinding process optimization and connected services
Explore our tools to aid in optimizing your circuit to increase throughput, availability, or reduce energy consumption.


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