polyethylene wear linings

Polyethylene wear linings

Minimizes surface friction and prevents material sticking

Metso Polyethylene wear lining is manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW) for installation in light-duty applications with clogging problems and sticky materials. The main characteristic of polyethylene is its low surface friction.


Maximize lifetime

Polyethylene wear plates maximize the lifetime of your original equipment, protecting it from corrosion and thereby increasing production capacity. 

Flow improvement

Improve poor material flow caused by narrow sectors in the process. Such spots can be real bottlenecks and create a lot
of additional work and unplanned downtime.

Reduce noise pollution

All polyethylene wear products reduce noise and contribute to a better work environment.

Trellex® LF

Made of an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene that minimizes surface friction to prevent material sticking, which is excellent for applications that require extremely low friction. Trellex® LF plates are excellent for low wear applications that have flow problems with sticky materials and for light duty applications with clogging problems and sticky materials.

Trellex® LF
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