Metso Full portfolio Flotation Cell Replacement
Boost metallurgical performance, availability, and capacity with a completely redesigned flotation circuit equipped with Metso TankCell® technology.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Reduced energy consumption


FloatForce and eDrive consume less energy

High metallurgical performance


Improving flotation hydrodynamics and pumping performance at high air dispersion rates enhances particle recovery

Increased availability and capacity


State-of-the-art automation solutions and optimized flotation circuit

Lower operating costs


Tailor-made flotation circuit based on in-depth test work with proven technology


We optimize cell volume, froth carry rate, and residence time for your flotation duty. Having fewer, higher volume cells is more cost efficient to operate and maintain than multiple cells with a smaller volume.

  • Offers superior metallurgical performance for all flotation applications
  • Improves availability and increases capacity
  • Makes operation and maintenance easier
  • Lowers maintenance costs and reduces spares turnover
  • Reduces energy consumption and has a smaller plant footprint
  • Requires less auxiliary equipment than multiple, smaller cells
flotation cell replacement

We design a completely new, tailor-made flotation circuit for your plant based on in-depth test work and Metso TankCell technology.

  • In-depth metallurgical test work
  • Optimized flotation circuit
  • Proven Metso TankCell technology
  • State-of-the-art automation solutions
  • Tailor-made service solutions

Metso is capable and ready to be involved as soon as the idea arises to replace multiple small volume flotation machines with newer technology. We offer:

  • Flotation kinetic rate tests
  • Simulation and modeling study
  • Customized flotation circuit design and engineering
  • Metso TankCell technology equipped with Metso FloatForce® mixing mechanism
  • Flexible on-site support from Metso experts

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