Metso Full portfolio Flotation Plant Controller
Improve efficiency and make decisions based on transparent, reliable data with centralized control over your flotation circuit.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Optimized processes


Reliable, efficient control over the flotation circuit

Remote monitoring & diagnostics


A proven hardware platform and an innovative software application

Cost efficient


A stepping stone to full automation, implemented in phases

Make informed decisions


Make decisions base on transparent, reliable data

  • Enables decision-making based on facts by providing transparent, reliable data
  • Provides reliable and efficient control over the flotation circuit
  • Enables process fine-tuning and optimization
  • Allows remote process monitoring and diagnostics
  • Uses proven hardware and software platform and design
  • Enables cost-efficient implementation in phases

Concentrator plants that have been in operation for more than 15 years typically have a lower level of automation than modern plants. This often means that operators are not as familiar with using automated air and level control and instead rely on visual observations for decision-making.

The Metso Flotation Plant Controller is a modular control system that allows operators to combine visual observation with efficient and convenient centralized control. The system comprises a hardware platform and an innovative software application optimized for flotation control. Our Flotation PlantController provides reliable and stable control over the flotation circuit, including air feeds, levels, and motors. It is an ideal platform for basic controls that can be easily connected to other systems like plant-wide SCADA or DCS, and the highly flexible system structure means it can be applied to all modern flotation circuit controls.

The control panel is located on-site, allowing the operator to act directly based on visual observations. This can be done by adjusting flotation control parameters or starting/ stopping the equipment.

At the smallest scale, the controller can handle basic flotation tasks such as air feed and level control, but it can also be expanded to control the entire circuit or even the whole processing plant. The Metso Flotation Plant Controller is a cost-efficient stepping stone to full automation, which can be carried out in phases to avoid high initial CAPEX investment, ensure smooth commissioning, and minimize downtime.

1. Metso Flotation Plant Controller, including:

  • Local and/or control room user interface
  • Junction boxes for instrument wiring
  • I/O cabinet(s) at the beginning of flotation bank/row
  • Control cabinet for the logic controller

2. Optional hardware modules:

  • Wireless mobile user interface
  • Remote connection
  • Control room container
  • Motor control center container
  • Reagent dosing container

3. Flotation control software, including:

  • Pulp level controls using intelligent EXACT-level algorithm
  • Air feed controls
  • Motor start-stop control via the motor control center

4. Optional control modules:

  • Slurry pump sump controls
  • Air blower controls
  • Reagent dosing controls
  • Advanced process controls
  • Metso Courier® & Metso PSI® online analyzer trends and measurements

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